Brian Ambrose - Assistant to the City Manger of Murrieta

The City of Murrieta appreciates the pilot program that Deep Energy Solutions provided at the Murrieta Fire Administration Building and the Murrieta Public Library. The City chose to move forward with the installation of Ceramic Insulation Coating (CIC) for the purposes of energy efficiency, extending the life of equipment and reducing the heat load. Overall, the City is confident that the installation of this product has proven to be beneficial and the work itself done to a professional standard.

In general, it is very difficult for the City to agree to allow one of our facilities to be used as a pilot program for a new product. Typically, the City hesitates to move forward on these requests because we do not have the necessary staff that has expertise in new technologies. But we were impressed with the way that you worked with our Economic Development Department and coordinated efforts with Southern California Edison (SCE).

At the Murrieta Public Library, Deep Energy Solutions installed wireless remote sensors in the rooftop ducting and interior of the library and SCE installed data loggers on the chiller and blower units to track results. This application increased the energy efficiency of the ducting and qualified for a rebate under SCE's Customized Solutions program. The CIC appears to have extended the useful life of the ducting by a minimum of ten years, eliminating the need for the city to replace the ducting. I am told the return on investment (ROI) of this work is 4 months.

Second, Deep Energy Solutions applied CIC at Fire Station No. 1 for the building envelope. This facility had a situation where solar heat loaded on a cinderblock wall, raising the temperature of the sleeping quarters to an uncomfortable level and causing the HV AC unit to run continuously. The result of this application was to lower the heat load of the wall to the ambient temperature, and personnel were able to increase the temperature of the thermostat while the interior temperature was reduced. This has saved the City of Murrieta and the Murrieta Fire and Rescue Department both energy and much needed money.

The City of Murrieta was very satisfied with the results and would recommend other cities meet with Dan Bechtel and use Deep Energy Solutions Ceramic Insulation Coating. There are many applications were this produce and service could be used to help with heat reduction while providing energy and facility cost savings for their buildings.