George Moring - Maintenance Supervisor, City of Murrieta

The City of Murrieta has been working with Dan Bechtel and Bechtel Property Services, Inc (BPSI) for the past 23 years. BPSI has a quick response time and always provides excellent customer service. Work is completed on time and within budget.

Dan Bechtel and BPSI stand behind their work. When the city required Dan to register with the Department of Industrial Relations for the State in order to comply with SB 854, it didn't take days; it was done with in the hour.

BPSI provides a full range of service that includes:

  • Building and repairing block walls, concrete, roofs, drywall, and stuccl;
  • Painting;
  • Welding;
  • Leak detection and associated repairs;
  • Fabricating gates;
  • Installing hardware, tile and gates;
  • Demolishing and rebuilding structures;
  • Replacing wood containing dry rot;
  • Installing baby changing stations; and
  • Removing graffiti

To date, BPSI has painted a total of 175,000 square feet of block walls throughout the City.

The City of Murrieta would recommend BPSI to any city and or agency as well as anyone in need of contracting services.

George Moring Testimonial Letter