Stucco Repair

Do you have an area on your stucco that is cracked or damaged? There are many causes for stucco damage some of them are building modifications, water behind the stucco, stucco wire that has become deteriorated.  Damaged stucco presents a negative impression on your building.

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Concrete Short Pour

What is a Concrete Short Pour?

An average cement truck holds 10 Cubic Yards, this would be enough concrete to pour approximately 600 square feet, depending on the thickness. Many concrete jobs require multiple trucks.  But what if you only want to replace a section of sidewalk on your property?  This is considered a Concrete Short Pour.

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Emergency Water Leak

BPSI responded to an emergency call for water leak that had caused damage under the kitchen sink at Murrieta Fire Station #3.  It was discovered that there was a leak in the hose of the faucet that had been leaking for a while and the area under the sink was saturated with water.

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Propane Line Replacement

BPSI Construction and Maintenance replaced the propane line between the propane tank and the emergency backup generator at Menefee Lakes Fire Station #76. 

This fire station was an original Cal Fire Facility that Menifee took over when they incorporated as a city.  During the annual test for the emergency backup generator it was discovered that there were leaks in the propane line.  A rigid underground line typically last 15 years so it was due for this one to be replaced.

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