UltraShok Vehicle Treament Pod

Z-Series ™ UltraShok Vehicle Treatment Pod is quickly creates chlorine dioxide gas for intense air cleaning. Removes odors caused by human or animal waste, cigarette smoke, water damage, and putrification. Single Pod will produce 10 – 50 ppmv in typical vehicle cabin space.

Product Storage and Handling 

Use: Turn on air conditioning unit and set to air flow to max recirculation. Activate Pod and place or hang in vehicle near air vent. Do not remain in vehicle with activated capsule. Allow dwell times of 1 hour or more. Do not apply product in direct sunlight. Open doors to allow fresh air ventilation for a minimum of 15 minutes prior to re-­‐entry.

Store product in cool dry area. Do not open. Do not eat package material contents. Inhaling fumes may cause respiratory irritation. In case of skin or eye contact, flush well with water; avoid ignition sources, heat and water.

Caution: Avoid breathing ClO2 vapors. Avoid contact with eyes.