Repair Asphalt Roof Torch Down

BPSI was contacted to inspect rolled asphalt roof that was leaking.  Upon inspection it was discovered that the original torch down was failing at one roof penetration and allowing water to seep into the building.

Torch-on roof which is sometimes referred to as torch-down roofing is a combination of asphalt and resin. These two materials are melted together using a torch to form a thick layer that now becomes a waterproof surface for your roof.  The name for this process is derived from the method of application, using a torch to melt the layers together. It’s important to remember that this type of roofing is designed for flat or low-sloped roofing

Torch down roofs should be inspected every five years or so to monitor any areas that need to be repaired.  If the roof is still in good condition it is a simple repair with a torch to make the roof water tight again.

BPSI has over 30 years of experience solving issues like these.  If your commercial building has signs of leaking, give us a call.

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