Stucco Repair

Do you have an area on your stucco that is cracked or damaged? There are many causes for stucco damage some of them are building modifications, water behind the stucco, stucco wire that has become deteriorated.  Damaged stucco presents a negative impression on your building.

BPSI will determine the underlying cause and repair it for a finished look.

BPSI recently repaired the stucco for Cal Fire at their Mountain Resource Center.  The soffit area of this building was sagging and cracking.  Stucco from the soffit area was removed, it was determined that the stucco mesh was detaching from the soffit joists due to moisture.  In this project the wood structure and joists were still in good condition.  New stucco mesh was applied with a water barrier.  Scratch Coat, Brown Coat and Texture Coat were applied.  Then the soffit area was painting to the original color.

Stucco repair is similar for Each building is different set of problems and needs individual solution to return it to original look.

Whatever Needs or Challenges You Face, You Can Depend on BPSI for Solutions Excelling in Real World Facilities Construction and Maintenance

BPSI has over 30 years of experience solving issues like these.  If your commercial building has signs of stucco damage, give us a call.

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