Soffit Stucco Repair

Repair Stucco in the Soffit

A leak caused damage to the stucco in the soffit of this building.

The damaged was caused by a roof leak that had been repaired but the stucco mesh was pulling away from the wood support and causing the stucco to sag.  If this was not repaired the stucco would have eventually fallen.

Steps to Repair Soffit Stucco

Damaged stucco had to be cut back to an area that was not sagging.  The supporting roof joists were found to be structurally sound.  New stucco lathing was installed.  This was covered with a scratch coat, then a brown coat and lastly the finish coat of stucco.

When installed properly the repaired area should be virtually invisible.

Stucco Maintenance

If you notice small cracks or crumbling in your stucco, this could be an indication that water is getting behind the stucco.  If this is addressed right away it is a simpler repair that only requires scraping the damage and applying the finish coat.

BPSI recommends determining the cause of the damage as part of the repair process. Applying ACS CIC 4.0 (Ceramic Insulation Coating) to the surface of the stucco will create a moisture resistant coating that also creates a air barrier and insulation coating to increase energy efficiency.

BPSI has over 30 years of experience solving issues like these.  If your commercial building has stucco damage, give us a call.

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