Metal Warehouse Upgrades

Metal Warehouse Upgrade

BPSI performed a multi-phase project for upgrades to a metal warehouse to increase organization and storage of products.

The goal of the customer was to install metal racking, a mezzanine and fenced in secure storage area.  This warehouse is sued by two different agencies and the inventory was to be kept separate.

The first step of this upgrade was to tap into the electrical panel and install conduit for the electric upgrade required for final design.

Second, BPSI then power washed the inside of the building and installed Ceramic Insulation Coating to provide insulation to make the building cooler for the inventory and more comfortable for the people working in the building.  Here is a link to the details of the CIC insulation process.

The next phase was to install the racking, mezzanine, and fencing.  Many warehouse spaces, such as this project have ample vertical space, by using mezzanines and catwalk flooring they can make use of this space by taking storage vertical.  Permanent stairs are installed to allow access to the second level make shelfs accessible.

The last phase installed lighting in various area to light the shelves, work areas and exterior of the building.  LED lighting was installed to increase the energy efficiency of this warehouse while providing lighting for work and safety.  Occupancy sensors were installed so the lighting is only on when it is being used.  BPSI also installed an exhaust fan to ventilate the warehouse.

This was all installed to engineered plans to ensure the load capacity was met for the safety of this project.

BPSI has over 30 years of experience with upgrades involving multiple projects and trades.  If you have an upcoming project, give us a call.


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