Remove and Replace Concrete

Trip Hazards Caused by Tree Roots

BPSI was contacted to address 7 areas with trip hazards that were caused by tree roots lifting the concrete.  Removal and replacement was the best option due to the height of the hazards and the underlying cause that need to be resolved to keep the issue from reoccurring.   Four trees need to be removed.

After the trees were removed additional work was required to grind the stumps below grade and dig out the tree roots.  Concrete was removed from the identified areas and power for the electric gate needed to be lowered to run under the new concrete.  Soil was compacted and forms were installed.  Each area that the new concrete abutted concrete or block wall the new concrete was pinned to the original surface.

Concrete pour was completed in one day with 4 cement trucks.  Eleven technicians worked the pour and finishing of the concrete surface.

The customer was please with the final results.  All trip hazards were removed leaving a smooth walking surface.

Scarifying Alternative

There are situations where the trip hazard can be removed with a scarifier.  This is especially effective for smaller trip hazards and areas without underlying conditions such as large tree roots or irritation issues that need to be remediated.

Check our the BPSI scarifying system by clicking here

BPSI can remove your trip hazards, If you would like more information give us a call.

Trip Hazards that needed to be removed:


Removing the Trees:


Prep Work:


Concrete Pour:


Finished Work:


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