Extractor Washer and Dryer

Prepwork and Installation of a Washer/Extractor and Dryer

The fire station identified an open space in the equipment bay area that had existing water and small 1½” drain in a floor sink to install newly ordered Washer/Extractor and Dryer.  BPSI got the building ready for the installation.

BPSI brought in 220 electricity from the electric room on the other side of the bay.  Tied into the propane gas line in the attic space that was running from the existing laundry room. This pipe was cut to size and threaded to be ready for the installation of the dryer.  BPSI installed new vent for dryer through the roof.  The dryer was ordered for gas and this station is on propane so BPSI ordered the conversion orifice and change the fuel source.

The Extractor/Washer drained too fast for the 1 ½” drain line to keep with.  Instead of cutting into the floor to install a larger drain line BPSI devised a tank draining system that works by draining the extractor into the tank where it can slowly drain out through the existing drain line.

BPSI has specialized in solving facilities maintenance and retrofit projects for over 30 years.  Call us for your next project.




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